MICWIC 2019 Organizing Committees

Communications Committee
Kelley Duffy, Ford Motor Company, Co-Chair
Amanda LaBelle, Ford Motor Company, Co-Chair
Michelle Scholtes, Ford Motor Company
Vidhya Tekken Valapil, Michigan State University
Career Fair Committee
Laura Dinsmoor, Oakland University, Chair
Louise Hemond-Wilson, IBM
Lisa Gandy, Central Michigan University
Keerthana Kolisetty, Ford Motor Company
Program Committee
Linda Ott, Michigan Technological University, Co-Chair
Pramita Mitra, Ford Motor Company, Co-Chair
Kate Bowers, Oakland University
Laura Hendrick, Wayne State University
Registration Committee
Laura Dillon, Michigan State University, Chair
Belinda Moses, Wayne County Community College
Reihaneh Hossein, Oakland University
Web/Social Media Committee
Elizabeth Henderson, Jackson National Life Insurance Company, Chair
Katie Kalata, Ferris State University
Local Arrangements Committee
Marilyn Wulfekuhler, Michigan State University, Chair
Teresa VanderSloot, Michigan State University
Conference Coordinator
Shawn Jezak

Join us!

To volunteer to help organize MICWIC 2019, please send email to micwic@acm.org